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Alto Service has thought not only of a product for the handling of boats but also of an article that would allow the handling of industrial products and artifacts of all kinds.

The platforms are built in high-strength electro-welded steel, operated by a hydraulic system and equipped with a remote radio control which is equipped with safety systems that neutralize any external interference.

By radio control you can operate the reverse and forward, lifting and lowering (both front and rear independently) and the front and rear steering (separately).

All wheel units are self-leveling, tilting and steering.

They are also equipped with a control panel and four pressure gauges for positioning the load and indicative weighing.

When not present as standard, it is possible to add as optional both an electronic weighing instrument and an ultrasonic limit switch.

Remote Control

Product range

Currently, standard production includes motorised boat movers with a capacity of 10 tons up to 350 tons. For handling more than 350 tons, modular transporters are built. The modules can have various courses according to the needs of the construction sites.

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